We are committed in the search of peace, democracy and human rights through culture (theater, poetry, music and traditional dances) and through our program "Kesho Kongo speaks to you". We help create peace in the Great Lakes Region (Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi) by theatre: watch this interview from Honolulu (Hawaï, USA):


Above: Reproduction of the play "Lion King" (cartoon adapted by the Kesho Kongo cultural group). Lesson transmitted to the people: always take life on the right side (invitation of our people to resilience). The funds collected were injected into our project to combat child malnutrition in South Kivu

Civic and electoral education session for young people, forum implemented by Kesho Kongo and funded by Counterpart International in collaboration with USAID and UKAID (24 January 2018 in Ciriri).

Above: Forum participants.
Trainer: Pius Bikungu from the Independent National Electoral Commission / South Kivu.


Below: forum facilitators.
Moderator: Samson Rutakangwa, Action Sociale Kesho Kongo’ Coordinator.


We also support 7 primary schools of forgotten villages: Lugala, Ikumbana, Kagabi, Ibere, Bwirembe, Kahuliza and Bushushu.

Above: Mubeshe primary school in Lugala, 60 pupils, 4 classrooms and 4 teachers and 1 director. This school needs to be built with dignity.


In the same way, we support young people in vocational training within the frame of apprenticeship of trades (rebobinnage of the transformers, domestic electricity, maintenance of appliances,….).


During the year 2017 (September 28th), Action Sociale Kesho Kongo hosted a delegation from the US Embassy in the DRC, for a day of awareness raising on scholarship opportunities for young people from 18 to 35 years. The sensitization involved 3 US government exchange programs namely Fulbright, Humphrey Fellowship Program and Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. The delegation of the Embassy consisted of Mr Taylor Tinney (Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy) and Mr Alain Chirwisa (Alumni Coordinator of US Government Exchange Programs at the US Embassy in Kinshasa). There was a participation of about 70 young people from the city of Bukavu. A press briefing was held on Bukavu radio stations (Radio Okapi, Radio Maendeleo and Radio universitaire de l'ISDR/Bukavu).


Above: Presentation by Mr Taylor Tinney (Cultural Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in the DRC)